A #bikeNYC Weekend Wrap-up!

#bikeNYC is always alive during October. It's a beautiful time to be out riding. It seems of late I've gone on a Streetfilms Shorties tear, which are essentially videos that only take a few hours of shooting & editing for me to publish. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about them and don't anticipate many thousands of plays, but smaller groups of watchers (especially in NYC) will appreciate.

First off, on Saturday got to go on a fun Queens "Zombie Ride" ride with Kidical Mass NYC! About 30 people turned out for their second official ride and they hope to continue the expanding with more rides. Check it out.

The following day was the 20th annual Tour de Bronx. It's the best free ride out there! I've been on at least a dozen of them and though my goal was fun and to enjoy myself, I brought along my camera to grab a little bit of footage of people riding along the greenways. The Bronx is beautiful and it gets better every year.

Finally, this final Shortie I put up a few days ago shows how much denser and healthy trees & greenery seem to be growing along NYC avenues that have had protected bike lanes in place for a few years. Sure, I don't have any scientific proof, but to me it is fairly obvious the streets are more healthy and pleasant. Take a look and decide for yourself!