And the Winner is…

Okay, I was a little amazed we only had eight entries for our first contest (come on folks!) but the good news is that there was plenty of great fodder in those.  Everyone that entered had at least one gem amongst their suggestions for a NYC bus route.  For sheer ferociousness, I really loved Susan Donovan's JUGGERNAUT.  It made me want to ride that bus and become all powerful.  Rex's dig at Speaker Silver's SHELLY was particularly inventive; as for CjStephens calling the M15 BREATHLESS, I could feel the air literally escaping my lungs.

But in the end as our winner, I am going with galfromdownunder's SKIRT - as a bus that would run in the Garment District.  Something about that felt so right when I read it - entertaining, descriptive, playful and very much fit the mold with the way Boulder names its themed-buses.  Congrats to Lynette Chang who is behind the galfromdowunder moniker. Since she is an always-traveling Bike FRIDAY Customer Evangelist, it is going to be hard to find a place to mail that t-shirt, but we'll try.

Come to think of it, HONK! (with the exclamation point included as part of the name) quite honestly could be the entire name of the MTA bus fleet.