Greetings from StreetFilms

Here we are! It's been a long journey and passion of mine over these past few months to get the StreetsFilms site going and get it right. Of course, it's still a work in progress so please let us know anything that you think could be better. Features you may enjoy more. Hiccups you might encounter. Stories you'd like to see.

As we journey into Week One, I'd like to thank our great behind-the-scenes guy Nick Grossman, who has had the patience to school me in the world of vlogs, blogs, code and all that jargon jumbo. And a shout out to Andrew Fischler who found the time in his busy schedule to keep the NYCSR site going with our videos over the past year.

But none of us would be here without the superhero known as Mark Gorton who not only provides us the backing for us to do the jobs we all love to do, but the input, guidance, and energy that makes all that seem secondary.

This is gonna be fun. We invite you to keep coming back.

Clarence Eckerson Jr.
Director of Video Production
NYC Streets Renaissance/StreetFilms