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Austin: The Most Bike-Friendly City in Texas

I was in Austin a few months ago for the NACTO Designing Cities Conference. While in town I was able to put together this look at what the city is doing to improve bicycling, including the dazzling 3rd Street curb-protected bikeway. Also captured on camera: many bike paths along the Colorado River, car-free nights on 6th street, and the ridiculously long Halloween Social Ride, which is an exhilarating weekly nighttime bicycle excursion with hundreds of people that manages to follow traffic laws to a T. (I did all 30 miles on a heavy B-Cycle -- there were quite a few hills!)

The timing was excellent, because near the end of 2015 the League of American Bicyclists declared Austin a gold status bike-friendly city, the first city in Texas to claim the honor. So let Streetfilms take you on a tour of the bike lanes, greenways, floating bridges, and bike-friendliness of Austin.

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  • Andy Salkeld

    This is great - I heard good things from mates here in Leicester who recently visited Austin - So seeing the city and hearing from people helps fill in the picture ! 6% modal share is about 3x that of most UK cities. The idea of building a bike network for regeneration and to help the city grow in numbers is really positive and story that is growing in cities here too. I will show this film at the Cycle City Active City Conference we have planned in May - If anyone from Austin is in the UK then - Come along & share what you are achieving with 700+ delegates from across the UK ...

  • BKellison

    The Colorado River, not the Pedernales, flows through Austin. And we still have a ways to go, especially on north-south bike routes through the downtown, to call Austin a "bike-friendly" city. But we're trying!

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Thank you. Fixed it. Strange that I read that in an article somewhere before coming down. But I guess you can't trust everything. Before making this live I was told (and googled) the gentleman from Austin Bike Rentals was named "Bird" but turns out it is "Byrd"!

  • happykt

    Biking is fine in Austin as long as you are in the central core of the city. If you go three miles beyond the downtown, the bike lanes are not protected and its quite frankly dangerous. Two of my coworkers bike to work and both have been hit by cars.

  • Robert

    This is why they are Gold, and not Platinum- the highest rating is Platinum.