Cornell Awards Us The Golden Sasquatch!

How cool is it that we were awarded the Golden Sasquatch Award at our Ithaca presentation a few weeks ago?  Actually, heck, let's be honest - it's the coolest award we'll probably ever get.  Forget a head of state giving us a key to the city. Or a proclamation for a National Streetfilms Day. Or a million dollar grant from the Clinton Global Initiative to fund our work.

Okay, maybe we'd take that million dollars, but still, how cool is this award from the great people of Ithaca?  It has been enshrined in a proper place in the office.  And since it is only a "Partial Lifetime Achievement", we'll keep  working towards a full one.  Thanks!

And for those who might be wondering what might have possibly inspired them?  It coulda been this.  Coulda.