Counting Bicyclists on NYC’s Manhattan Bridge!

Since this has been an such amazing year for NYC bike commuting (after all Bicycling Magazine now says we are the #1 bike city, right?) two dear friends of Streetfilms (Steven O'Neill & Brooklyn Spoke's Doug Gordon) who frequently ride the Manhattan Bridge bike path joined me this morning to count some bicycles.  We spent 20 minutes during the AM rush hour (specifically 8:49 am to 9:09 am) tallying commuters just for the fun of it.

It was a beautiful morning for riding and the numbers didn't disappoint - you'll need to watch the short video to find out the final tally. But the count was not shocking to anyone riding in NYC, after all the Manhattan Bridge has seen the numbers of bike commuters swell over the last five years, and the advent of Citi bike has only made the growth continue.

The October 2013, 12-Hour screenline count from NYC DOT was 4,004/day. Of course our one hour average came out much higher than that but it was done during rush hour. It will be interesting to see 2014's numbers yield.