Copenhagenize Just Announced its Top 20 Bicycle Cities for 2019, We’ve Got Films!

Very exciting to see that Streetfilms has visited a record number (half!) of the the cities in this year's version of the Copenhagenize Top 20 Bicycle Cities!

You can take a gander at the complete list here on their website, but here is a sample of the cities on our website you can check out and their corresponding films!

#1  Copenhagen is number one once again. We have over a half dozen videos we've done from Copenhagen but below is the most recent (along with our film from 2010 which is still a Top Five film on Streetfilm of all time).

#2 Amsterdam has moved back to number 2 from 3. We also have featured Amsterdam very prominently over the years. Their most recent announcement to remove 10,000 parking spaces from the city center made us return last month for this special film. Also included is our 2013 epic that is nearing a half million plays!

#3 Utrecht is a dream. And today we released a Streetfilm updating the world as to what measures they are taking to improve bicycling in their city and eradicate the car from the city center. You must visit.

#7 Oslo moving up several notches. Why? As we showed a few years ago during our visit to see how much progress the city was making on its bold announcement to turn its downtown car-free and more people-friendly for the health of its citizens. It was the first film made on Oslo on the topic.

#12 Our trio of films on Bogota in 2007 was what essentially put Streetfilms on the map. We have been back, but we're kind of indebted to that series and have to post the awesome video on Ciclovia that helped bring that message to now hundreds of cities in the USA hosting car-free streets events.

#13 Streetfilms went to Barcelona to document the awesome Superblocks program. But I did get a few hours to rent a bike on my second day to roll thru the city and I found it wonderful. A great walking city. Here are those two videos.

#16 Tokyo is a bustling city and packs in over 9 million people. But even though they don't have tons of traditional protected-style bike lanes, bike riding is really popular!

#18 (tie) Montreal is a favorite of Streetfilms, which has been visiting every few years since the mid-1990s (well that would be its founder, Clarence Eckerson Jr.) I made this film when I rode the mega fun Tour de L'ile and looked at why the ride was an inspiration for it's bike infrastructure. 

#18 (tie) I guess it would have to be that both Canadian cities on the list would tie for #18! So no bragging rights for the northern cousins. Vancouver is a newcomer to the list and from the momentum the city has, it would not be a surprise to see it bolt up the charts next time around. Check out this pair of Streetfilms that will convince you if you have never visited.

#20 Hamburg announced many years ago that it wanted to reach 7% bike mode share by 2020. So we took a look at what residents thought about the announcement.