Five Great Streetfilms You May Have Missed! So Watch ‘Em Now!

Since we have over 500 Streetfilms, invariably there are some I thought deserved far more viewers then they ultimately got. And some of these I really enjoyed working on or believed are important to see. Since I was recently asked which of my Streetfilms I wished had gotten more play, I decided to look over the past 7 years and pick out the Top Five that deserved to be seen some more. If you are new, you should check them all out.

1. Via RecreActiva: A Transformative Ciclovia for Guadalajara (Jan 2012):  This is the one I always cite as one I thought was gonna rack up mega views and never did.  In fact it only got about 2K in its first few months. I was stunned. Perhaps by the time we debuted it, people already knew enough about Ciclovias and just didn't need another.  This is one of the most magical open streets events in the world and the energy should be experienced.

2. Queens’ Corona Plaza: A Community Place Rises (August 2012): Maybe it's because this plaza is so near and dear to my heart only a few miles away from my home in Jackson Heights. But the wonderful people who have helped make this plaza happen against many odds deserve a lot of credit. It looks different from the plazas you'll find in Times Square and all over Manhattan. You should watch. Now.

3. GOP Mayor Greg Ballard: Making Bicycling a Priority in Indianapolis (June 2013):  This mayor is a huge believer in cycling. I see his personal tweets talking about it constantly. He has toured the country talking about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail (that video DID perform  amazingly). But Mayor Ballard is also a Republican. We need more in his party to talk like he does about transportation. This quick profile on him has been amazingly under viewed.

4. Copenhagen’s Car-Free Streets & Slow-Speed Zones (August 2010): Okay, this film has actually done rather well at nearly 30K plays. But if you look at all of our Copenhagen Streetfilms, it is apparent that viewers flocked far more to the bicycle-oriented films from there than this one. It's a GREAT video. Featuring Gil Penalosa and others talking about the successful street strategy that Copenhagen has employed.

5. Zozo (Summer 2011) Really any of our Zozo Streetfilms. Zozo was our lovable, purple, livable streets mascot and we tried to get him out in the world to help teach kids about transportation policy in a light-hearted but serious way. People loved the Zozo but we really didn't have the opportunity to have him make as many public appearances as we wanted. We even crafted a fun documentary about The Search for the Zozo before we unleashed him on the public.  It's cool and educational. If you're an educator you should take a serious look at the Meet the Zozo site and using its videos.