Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn interviewed me for his podcast “You, Me, Us, Now”

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I'm a very, very lucky person to be able to meet important people trying to change our cities and hang out with them even for a few minutes. Mayor Mike McGinn is an awesome guy and I actually got to hang out with him for a few hours. Back when he was running for Seattle mayor in 2009, his website featured a few of our Streetfilms including "The Removal of the Embarcadero Highway" from San Francisco.

These days he is the host of a new podcast "You, Me, Us, Now with Mike McGinn" and last week he interviewed me. You should take a listen, there are some very entertaining bits as we talk about my life journey and especially the time I came to Seattle to bike with him to City Hall for a Streetfilm (around the 14 minute mark). It was such an easy going interview back and forth, certainly one of my favorites doing "press" for Streetfilms (or me).

Just click here to listen to the podcast on the MyNorthwest site.

And in case you haven't seen it, here is the fun 2010 Streetfilm when he was mayor of us biking to Seattle's City Hall one foggy morning. Most of the film is totally impromptu. I literally had no idea when I showed up at his house at 6 am to meet his family how jovial a guy he would be, where we were going to go, what we would see, if it would start raining (a little), and what he would want to chat about. As usual, trusting the energy of the world produced a great little film.