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Future Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway

Today, over 100 cyclists turned out for Brooklyn Greenway Initiative's annual ride. For nearly a decade, they have been working with numerous community & government groups to bring a Hudson River-style recreation path from Greenpoint to Sunset Park. In the next few years, much of the 15-mile route will finally become reality.

The tour highlight: it was the first public bike tour to be allowed to ride on the piers the future Brooklyn Bridge Park will occupy. Riders enjoyed vantage points of lower Manhattan few have ever seen.

StreetFilms conjured up this short video essay to bring you the highlights.

<br> <p><font size="3" face="Times New Roman">[music]</font> <br></p> http://transcriptdivas.ca/transcription-canada/
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  • http://panix.com/~steveo steveo

    Looks like a fun ride!

    I hope they keep those chain-link gates in place, so you can keep the ooh-I'm-sneaking-around-back -here feeling.

  • ecm

    I like how the music builds and creates a really hopeful feel for the video and the Greenway Initiative plan.

    The plan to turn all that waterfront area into a greenway seems daunting and down right impossible, but it's great to see that this group has been working a long time to make it happen. Thanks to them!

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  • Peter

    I wish everyone had the b^lls of those greenway folks! Who has a vision going strong for 10 years and still they're going at at like gangbusters? Congrats you guys. Cheers to making a better City and life for all of us.

  • Lars

    Milton, Brian and Meg - modern day superheroes. Not even Spidey can top that!

  • Alfred A. Chiodo

    I could not attend the BGI tour, but your film made me promise myself not to miss it next year!

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