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Hamburg’s Quest to Get Bicycling Up to 25 Percent of All Trips

Hamburg, a city of nearly two million people in northern Germany, has a 12 percent bike mode share and regularly ranks among the world's most bike-friendly cities (Copenhagenize currently has it in 19th place). Nevertheless, many cyclists and advocates in Hamburg believe their government should be doing much more to build safer bike lanes and encourage cycling.

Guest Streetfilms journalist Joe Baur was recently in Germany and got to interview advocates about the state of cycling and how Hamburg can achieve its goal of 25 percent bike mode share by 2025.

You can view more of Joe Baur's work on Vimeo.

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  • Matthias


    If only...

  • vgXhc

    Hamburg scored 35th out of 39 German cities in the 2014 "Bike Climate Test" by the ADFC, the German national bike advocacy organization, casting some doubt on the assertion that it "regularly ranks among the world's most bike-friendly cities."

  • J

    Hmm.. Hamburg (and other German cities, from what I hear) seems to be moving away from protected bike lanes at precisely the moment that more cities are moving towards them. It seems that in their tourist district the problem was overcrowded sidewalks and poor differentiation between cycling and walking space, and the move to significantly expand the sidewalk space was wise, but you can still create protected bike lanes by adequately separating and differentiating cycling space from walking space. Using parked cars to protected the bike lane from pedestrians and white lines to protect the cyclists from moving cars seems a bit backwards.

    Poor protected bicycle lane design often leads to cities moving in the wrong direction, towards unprotected bike lanes instead of towards gold-standard Dutch designs that are proven to be successful at a supporting large scale cycling.

  • Miles Bader

    That Copenhagenize list is awful ... vague, subjective criteria, no actual numbers or details given, snarky "well, make your own list then" attitude in the FAQ.... ><

    [I know, the copenhagenize guy is kinda like that generally, but.. if good sites like this are going to cite a list like this, it would be nice if it were a better list...]

  • Derick

    The hokey music prevents me from sharing your videos.

  • Miles Bader

    The copenhagenize list the article cites is pretty suspicious, it doesn't give any numbers or details as to how it's calculated other than a long list of vague, subjective, criteria...

  • vorstadt strizzi

    Living in Hamburg, I can say that you're fully right.

    The German ADFC, calling themselves cycling-campaigners, are strictly Old School VC. To this policy they get strong support from powerful German car industry, from related government and from all political parties including the Green Party. All politics even on the regional level depends on wealth of car industry.
    As cycling figures are growing it is now to tear down protected cycling infra in order to limit the trend to the fast and furious and to undermine cycling at its source, the cycling-culture: Preventing children and non-mamils (middle aged man in lycra) from cycling is common strategy - propelled by our VC - cycling-campaigners.