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Hey #bikenyc: Where Would You Put New York’s Next Protected Bike Lanes?

At the September press conference where Bicycling Magazine named New York City the best American city for biking, NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg committed to adding five miles of protected bike lanes per year "all over the city, not just in the core of Manhattan.”

Since then, anytime I've been at bike events or out on the streets shooting video, I've been interviewing riders about where they would like to see new protected bike lanes. As with most things bike, when you talk to the people riding the streets every day you get incredibly smart recommendations.

So I present this montage of New Yorkers who bike, sounding off on where they want the city to install protected bike lanes. I think they all made great suggestions.

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  • Hilda

    Great video! Lots of great suggestions for outer boros!
    I love protected bike lanes, especially riding with kids and families and if I am loaded down with lots of stuff. But lots of protected bike lanes just end, or you have to get across some major arterials to get to them.
    Our protected bike lane network needs to have the gaps filled in, as well as being extended significantly. These gaps seem like a blip on then map, but are really a huge chasm to cross when you are there on the street.
    When you come to those gaps it reminds me of the nightmares where you show up naked to the cafeteria; you are completely exposed and you have no idea how you are going to get through it.

  • BBnet3000

    I really think we should finish the ones we started on the avenues. They really lose utility when they are discontinuous. Particularly on Second Avenue, who is supposed to be the customer for a protected bike lane who would actually ride through the 40s and 30s without one?

    Jay Street in Brooklyn. Delancey btw the Williamsburg Bridge and Allen Street in Manhattan.

  • I am Odell Beckham’s Catch

    We need a long snaking protected bike path from the middle of Queens to the middle of Brooklyn. Also: one that goes over a bridge between Brookiyn and SI.

  • Ben_Kintisch

    Bedford Avenue the entire length of Brooklyn. Please. Including the infamous gap in South Williamsburg.

  • BBnet3000

    In Sheepshead Bay this is a great place to get doored today.

  • Mat50

    Don't laugh: Flatbush Avenue from bridge to bridge, or for a wider N/S: Coney Island Avenue from the park, past the schools and restaurants and stores to the beaches. I mean "protected"

  • YouandWhoseArmy3D

    Would love to see a 2 way protected path on one side of the street on 3rd avenue in gowanus. Plenty of room there. Right now the configuration only has a bike lane on the south bound side.

    I prefer 3rd for commuting over 5th as there is more room and less traffic conflicts with all the dead end streets near the canal. (unfortunately it is somewhat of a truck route. Still feel safer than 5th ave...)

  • ralph

    6th avenue manhattan (and I don't mean in the west village)
    5th avenue manhattan
    anywhere upper east side
    flushing ave brooklyn navy yard
    coney island ave brooklyn
    bedford ave brooklyn
    christie street manhattan
    jay street brooklyn
    central park west

    You can do it DOT! It's not rocket science - it's some paint and curbs, and you don't need nobody-voted-for-them community board members' permission. Don't talk about it and "explore" it and study it and propose it, JUST DO IT!

  • ralph

    not laughing - this is an excellent idea. Flatbush is a nightmare for all users. There's nothing you could do to Flatbush that wouldn't improve it. Ditto Coney Island Ave.

  • khrelm

    Northern Blvd and Queens Blvd.

    I also agree that there should be bike lanes in Central Queens.

  • Peter

    Turn one side of broadway into a (separated) bike/pedestrian thoroughfare.

  • AnoNYC

    Bruckner Blvd, Grand Concourse, Southern Blvd, 161st/3rd Street, 180th Street.