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Host A Streetfilms Screening

Whether you’re a livable streets advocate working to get more bike infrastructure in your neighborhood, or an urban planning professor hoping to get your students psyched about parking policy,  Moving Beyond the Automobile and other Streetfilms will be indispensable tools for your work.

Put livable streets issues in the spotlight by organizing a Streetfilms screening in your community.  It’s easy, and here are some tips to get you started:

Find a Venue and Partners in the Community

  • Reach out to community groups and individuals, including environmental and health organizations, local businesses, schools, universities and public agencies.
  • Find a venue with audio and video equipment that can accommodate your needs.  Whether you're projecting streaming video from the internet using your laptop and a projector, or using a television and DVD player, make sure all the technical details of the screening are worked out well in advance so that there are no surprises on the big day.

Order a DVD or Download for FREE from Vimeo

  • Click here to order Moving Beyond the Automobile and other great Streetfilms on DVD.
  • Click here for download instructions from Vimeo.
  • Streetfilms media, including streaming video and DVDs, include public performance rights provided that you are not charging admission or earning a profit.  Please read our Terms of Use for more information.  If you ARE charging admission, just let us know.  About 95% of the time if it is for a good cause we don't care.

Plan a Post Screening Discussion

Promote the Screening

  • Fill out this form and Streetfilms will help advertise your Streetfilms screening
  • Download a Moving Beyond the Automobile screening flier and customize it for your event.  Attach it to emails, post to your social networks, or print it out and distribute hard-copies in your neighborhood or campus.
  • Encourage people to walk, bike, or take public transportation to the screening.

Let Us Know How it Goes!

  • Fill out this survey after the screening to help us track the impact and success of our films.  If you include great photos and a short description of your event, we might even write a blogpost about it.

Are you interested in bringing a Streetfilms filmmaker to speak or give a presentation at your screening or other special event? Send an email to for more information about how to make that happen.

Have other questions?  Get answers on Streetfilms' FAQ page.