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Hugh Jackman talks getting his bike wheels jacked during Golden Globes Speech

This is probably what Hugh Jackman felt like when he saw his bike missing two wheels.

How'd most of the bicycling world miss this?

You know bicycling has hit the big time when Golden Globes winners start talking about it during their acceptance speeches. Megastar Hugh Jackman (who won the Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy) had his bike stolen while auditioning for Les Miserables. How do we know this? During his acceptance speech, Jackman said the following to the A-listers in attendance:

To the guy or girl who stole the wheels off my bike while I was auditioning for Les Miserables, we're all good.

Firstly, how nice is it that he didn't assume the gender of the thief?

Afterwards he followed up that comment saying if the thief also wanted his frame, he would leave it leaning up in the same spot "tomorrow".

Geez, what I wouldn't do to be able to do a Streetfilms profile of Hugh Jackman. The guy rides frequently  and looks cool doing it.  Just see the hundreds of photos of him biking on line here.

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  • http://twitter.com/toddedelman toddedelman

    I like the Wolverine character but man I don't want my wheels to be stolen, so I am not going to ride a bike -- if they steal Wolverine's wheels then how can mine be safe? Otherwise I always follow what celebs do. Like Meryl http://theboweryboys.blogspot.de/2010/08/what-famous-person-did-you-see-on.html and Woody (with car parking policy in action) http://youtu.be/7Y16HUOAmT0.

    Seriously, I am happy that Jackman rides a bike around but like any "megastar" he also flies a lot. Does he donate time or funding to any transport cycling organisation? I would like to see some proof that any celebrities - or celebs in sum - have created a positive difference in mobility patterns. The "NYC Biking Story" series http://www.streetfilms.org/my-new-york-city-cycling-story/ is definitely inspiring as it shows "normal" people... not mutants, either.. the peers of most of us, and for whom replacing wheels for 150 or 200 dollars or more would create some misery.