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Introducing Livable Streets Education

The newest member of the Livable Streets Initiative, Livable Streets Education (LSE), partners with schools, cultural institutions and community-based organizations working for improved urban livability, greener transportation, and safer streets. This spring, LSE is in residency at fifteen schools around New York City, working with students in grades K-8, as well as partnering with community and cultural organizations on special events.

This short Streetfilm provides an overview of the recent work they've been doing - in particular, it highlights LSE Director Kim Wiley-Schwartz's work with grades K-2 at PS 87. Please check out the website to see more on this groundbreaking curriculum. And to see some of the amazing art produced by the students, refer to this page and videos.

<blockquote class="_text"> [music begins in background] </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_1_text"> <cite class="speaker_1" >Kim Wiley-Schwartz:</cite> [0:01] Livable Streets Education is a program that works with schools and teachers to help them bring issues of sustainability and changing the streets around their schools into the classroom and connects to the school day learning standards, works with core curricula, and helps students become advocates for change. [music continues] </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_1_text"> <cite class="speaker_1" >Kim Wiley-Schwartz:</cite> [0:27] We're very hands on. We look at the impact of cars on the environment around the school by bringing out a speed bump, by looking at decibel levels with decibel meters. They look at transit and transportation. They try to look at the ways they get to school every day and see if they could make improvements.Livable Streets Education has developed these materials that aren't available anywhere else. They take ideas that are on the street, and they relate them to the school day activities and core curriculum. All of this stuff has been developed in workbooks that teachers can use anytime in the school year related to their specific grade. [classroom noise in background] </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_2_text"> <cite class="speaker_2" >Speaker:</cite> [1:05] Bump! Bump! </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_3_text"> <cite class="speaker_3" >Speaker:</cite> [1:07] Bump! Bump! </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_4_text"> <cite class="speaker_4" >Speaker:</cite> [1:08] I did it! </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_2_text"> <cite class="speaker_2" >Speaker:</cite> [1:08] Slow down. Drive slowly around the school when using a transit. </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_5_text"> <cite class="speaker_5" >Speaker:</cite> [1:15] Cars that use up a lot of gas are just too fuel consuming. </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_2_text"> <cite class="speaker_2" >Speaker:</cite> [1:20] Dear Commissioner Sadik-Khan: We need better signs around our school because cars are going too fast. Thank you. </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_1_text"> <cite class="speaker_1" >Kim Wiley-Schwartz:</cite> [1:28] Kids are so interested these days in going green and making better decisions about carbon emissions and their carbon footprint, that this has been incredibly engaging for them. Teachers or principals can contact us at the Livable Streets Education.They can look at our website, which is <a href="http://streetseducation.org/" >Streetseducation.org</a>. And we will arrange to come in, send practitioners into the classrooms, work with teachers to develop a curriculum that helps improve the streets around the school, and help tune the kids into issues of sustainability. [music to end] </blockquote> <br/><br/>
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