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Laura Goodfellow: Transit-Oriented Runner

One way we can help save the planet and cut down on motor vehicle use is to think creatively about common car trips that seem to be "automatic" or thought of as a necessity. Seattle's Laura Goodfellow is certainly doing that.

So how do you keep the miles from getting monotonous when training for a marathon? Public transit! Laura has run 12 marathons, and the training never gets boring because she incorporates public transit--boats, buses, and trains--into her running to add variety and explore new places.

Throughout her travels by foot and transit, Laura, who has never owned a car, has witnessed firsthand how so many of our streets are dangerous for vulnerable users, and she hopes to recruit more runners to advocate for safer streets for pedestrians.

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  • Gustav Svärd

    Feels like its been over a year since I was out running last, but when I was getting out a couple of times a week I too used to make sure I had by transit pass and just run. Usually kinda aiming for somewhere it was a transfer-free ride home on the bus or subway. Got me running significantly further than just doing laps locally.