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Life on a Dutch Woonerf (Living Street)

When I posted I was headed to The Netherlands once again to visit (and for my first time to Utrecht,) as usual I got a lot of recommendations on what to look at. One of the first people to contact me was Rebecca Albrecht, who moved there with her husband Paul from Boston about three years ago and couldn't be more delighted to live there.

She mentioned she lived on a Dutch play street (woonerf) and when I looked at the photos she had snapped from the window of her bed & breakfast, my first thought was: maybe this would be an opportunity to get a unique angle from residents since I had ridden on so many similar streets in Amsterdam and in Copenhagen but didn't want to be too nosy.

When I arrived the street was full of neighbors and children and they wanted to talk to me about their lovely street. But this is not something exceptional as over 2 million Dutch people live on play/living streets. So take a gander but be warned: you will want the same thing for your block.

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  • http://batman-news.com Mark

    Where are the screaming drug addicts, needles and human excrement? This would never fly in San Francisco.

  • Stephen Simac

    They would move to a different area of the city from any neighborhood that adopted this. It would be the screaming drivers that would block it.

  • http://batman-news.com Mark

    Shows how little you know SF and our homeless problem. Also, thanks for assuming that the driving community would block it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/menorman Marven Norman

    They're the usual suspects. After all, SF is where the bike plan got held up for years because someone sued.