Looking back at our “Streetfacts” Series!

A few years back we decided to make a short series of four Streetfilms we christened "Streetfacts" trying to once again to give some great tools to our loyal followers, while attempting to showcase a different style of animation, charts, photos, video and written narration to tell our stories.

They did moderately well, but not as highly successful as we hoped. Thus in this blog post we present them all one page to see if they'll possibly catch fire. There are lots of great facts and topics, we highly encourage you to sample the first two and keep going if you like what you hear.

The "Streetfacts" hit upon some eclectic items we thought were good to highlight. 1) That protected bike lanes are now being installed in smaller cities and towns. 2) That Americans are driving less, a fact that seems to be taking hold in advocates heads the past few years.  3) That building roads is a money losing proposition.  4) That children have lost the freedom to roam - which was surprisingly the bit hit of the series!!