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Los Angeles: The Great American Transit Experiment

Los Angeles is in the midst of building an unprecedented number of rail transit projects. Some are slated for potentially high ridership parts of LA’s urban core. Others are more dubious.

Today, transit use is down. Bus ridership is falling sharply. Rail use is flat despite strong ridership on the Expo Line, the city’s newest rail transit. L.A. is taking steps to reorganize its bus routes, but needs a variety of major street and service policy changes to make buses more attractive.

Also missing in L.A. are efforts make the city more walkable and more dense that correspond in scale to the massive rail building program. The city and region also still heavily cater to cars when decisions about transportation priorities need to be made.

“What we as a region have not yet done is have the sort of political fights that really make a transit system effective. Which are not fights over money but fights over space,” says UCLA professor Mike Manville.

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  • FieldMedic

    Thank you for bringing some light onto this issue. As a resident of Van Nuys it pains me every time we drive down Van Nuys Blvd. to see how much tarmac is given to cars. But Van Nuys, like the greater L.A. area, still views cars as a necessity and not an option which I hope is a view that changes in the coming years.

  • Susan Pantell

    Great video, thanks.