May Streetfilms Shorties You May Have Missed

Often we make short Streetfilms that do not officially get posted on the main site for one reason or another. They may just be quickly edited videos not destined to be up for the long haul or short clips for Streetsblog. Or ones we just don't expected to have too much interest nationwide.

Here's a pretty inspiring video we posted a few days of the NYC Progressive Bike Caucus on Bike to Work Day. In all nearly ten council members showed up, and at least half of those rode bikes in the ride. It's pretty amazing to see that many out there as just five or ten years ago it would have been rare to see a NYC council member out there. We have made a lot of progress thanks to groups like Transportation Alternatives, Families for Safe Streets and StreetsPAC.

Speaking of the rise of bicycling in New York City, here's just a quick montage of bike congestition along Kent Avenue on the Williamsburg waterfront two weeks ago. On an average day there are just an immense number of people biking. It points to safe bike infrastructure, if you build it, people will use it.

And finally, here is just a PSA I threw together out of my frustration over Earth Day and unlike a good deal of the stuff on Streetfilms, it is highly negative. I needed to vent my frustration over what is happening in the world. I think we are in serious trouble. And in our country there's no urgency or concrete action coming from our federal government.