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Meet Veronica Moss, A.U.T.O. Lobbyist

Ever wonder what folks working for sustainable transportation at the federal level are up against on K Street? For this Streetfilms exclusive event, we were granted unfettered access to Veronica Moss, lobbyist for Automobile Users Trade Organization (AUTO). Veronica gave us a few precious moments inside her SUV to talk about roads, traffic, cyclists, and big cities. After instructing us on proper honking techniques for "old people" and children, she also offered up some choice bons mots. Here's a sample:

"People need to be able to drive their cars - that's an American right!"

"Bikers are a pimple on the butt of any city."

If you love Veronica, make sure to check out our mockumentary on The Search for the Zozo, where she also makes an appearance.

UPDATE:  3/29/2012  And congratulations to Kate McKinnon for being added to the cast of SNL!  She was so good as Veronica Moss.  SNL could not have picked a funnier gal!

<blockquote class="_text"> [music] </blockquote> <blockquote class="speaker_1_text"> <cite class="speaker_1" >Veronica Moss:</cite> [0:13] Get in. This is my "Nav". My Lincoln Navigator. So I go down to Washington and I just am there saying, "Hold up. What about cars? What about the cars?" There are not enough roads for cars. People need to be able to drive their cars. That is an American right. This is a city for people who have to get things done.And they need cars to get things done. You are going to get me where I need to go aren't you? And you are going to do it perfectly because you were made with precision and with love. Bikers are a pimple on the butt of any city. Bikers think that they own the road. They dodge in front and they dart... And I feel unsafe.Go buddy, go. Go. That's right. Good. I don't carry a weapon. Well, this is a weapon. No, it's not... It's my sweetheart. I'm sorry. Hi, I'm Veronica Moss. I got this puppy when I was 16, my sweet 16 present. When I am going to buy groceries or when I'm going to pick up stuff, I bring the land boat, my Hummer. But this is just... This is my day tripper.OK. Let's go. You can be a beep here or you can beep here. You see a child. You see an old person, that's what I like. It's like child, old person. And if it is an adult, I don't even beep. I just swerve around them and scare them because they should be scared because this is a big car. And you are not just a vehicle and you are not just a machine, are you?You are mommy's sweet little boy, and I love you and appreciate you for all that you do. And I am going to take care of you until you have a 100,000 miles, and then I am going to get a new one. [music] </p><p>[2:27] </blockquote> <br/><br/>
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  • Laughtoons

    That's freaking hilarious!

  • axe


  • notfixed

    She's evil! Can I get her phone number?

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/Green_Idea_Factory Todd Edelman

    First they came for the tanks
    and I did not speak up because I drove a Hummmer

    Then they came for the Hummers
    and I did not speak up because I drove a Navigator

    Then they came for the Navigators
    and I did not speak up because I drive a CR-V

    They they came for the CR-Vs
    and I did not speak up because I drive a Prius

    Then they nearly came for my Prius
    but by then they were so tired and confused because of the their bashing of only heavier vehicles that I got away with nearly everything selfish, destructive, anti-environmental, anti-social, pro-sloth, etc. I wanted to

  • Ed Pino

    Too Funny but for some too true

  • http://bikecommutetips.blogspot.com Paul Dorn

    Hilarious. Actually, when I was the executive director of the California Bicycle Coalition, I frequently crossed paths with the AAA lobbyists. They were always cheerfully and patronizingly enthusiastic about bicycling...at least in my presence.

  • Darth Cyclist

    Sadly I know someone who isn't far off in her beliefs from this. Still humor is the best way to sometimes get people to change!!

  • Philip Papas

    Yup - It's funny, cause it's TRUE!

  • http://blog.kgsbikes.com Kevin Saunders – KGS Bikes

    This was fantastic! I have to post it on my Facebook page. Parodies do make us think along with a laugh. I really appreciate it.

  • jeff hammel

    Wow, the actress playing Veronica Moss is amazing! I want to hate her even knowing she's just acting 😉

  • Clarence Eckerson, Jr.

    Wonderful! People seem to universally love (or is that despise?) this one. Keep the comments coming....

    Here's one from another blog under the name Metro2005:

    "Where did that woman come from. An institution for mentally ill people?"

  • http://www.bikebythesea.com/ Christa

    Good job Streetfilms!

    I imagine that comedy is a great tool to solve problems. Please, keep it coming! :)

    The actress does a fantastic job. I wonder, what is that accent? New York, East Coast?

  • W. K. Lis

    Jeff Rubin, who was the audacious chief economist and chief strategist at CIBC World Markets, forecasts "that inevitably declining production and rising demand will send oil prices inexorably higher - over $200 (U.S.) a barrel by 2012 or earlier, just for a start". See Globe and Mail article at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/a-coming-world-thats-a-whole-lot-smaller/article1141752/ for more information.

  • http://apocalipsemotorizado.net benicchio

    Love you guys and girls! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • http://www.woj.com.au Rob Eke

    Priceless, sadly her (subject's) disease of selfishness and automania pervades us too (Downunder), the land boats are here in force and Veronica Moss has a lot of sisters...chk chk boom

  • http://aseachange.net A Sea Change

    I'm 150% behind her. But Veronica doesn't go far enough! We need more roads, sure. But how about universal Lincoln Navigators? Forget the health coverage and green jobs: put every American in the drivers seat of an SUV.

  • Pat

    Hilarious. I have forwarded this to my entire e-mail list. Thanks for the continued good work!

  • http://i.feedtacoma.com/Erik/ Erik B.

    Nice work exposing the position of the auto industry and their opposition to bicycles.

    We used this video in Tacoma on an issue we are facing:


  • http://www.pfannenwender.de Bastian


  • Rob

    LMAO. Can't wait for the sequel - the anticipation is *driving* me mad!

  • Bryan

    The actress is Kate McKinnon. She is a regular at the UCB and is great on the Big Gay Sketch Show on Logo.

  • http://www.autorepairinmesa.com Mechanic Mike AZ

    Bikers beware, the automobile drivers are not looking out for you pimples...LOL, hey they way that the bike riders get flattened, is most of then think they have the right away, and ride like they are a car. You know the bikers that get into the turning lane and everything else... The truth is they deserve to ride, but not to hog the road... rules apply to everyone for you horrible automobile drivers...!

  • daddy

    Gawd!! Why'd they have to make her so hot!?

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  • SUV lover!

    Congrats on Kate McKinnon being added to the SNL crew.  She's so funny here!

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  • Isaac B

    What an amazingly talented woman!