My Favorite Livable Street Photos from 2012

Although in 2012 I spent a large amount of time recovering from surgery from an auto crash I was in, I still was able to take some interesting photos I'd like to share.  The above photo is my favorite livable streets shot which I took by chance while in Times Square. Apparently these gals were waiting for a photo of themselves to go up that they had somehow submitted. The funny thing is: I had no idea. Not until I got home and looked at my photos did I put together what was on the screen with the six of them.

The days and weeks following Superstorm Sandy were rough for NYC. There wasn't too much to be happy about, especially for kids. Halloween was essentially cancelled for many children (and adults). But one amazing event "Trick or Treat in the Street" went on in Jackson Heights, Queens in the ever-popular 78th Street Play Street. It probably attracted nearly one thousand folks. The enthusiasm was incredible and it just showed how important having a permanent public space to hold events is to a community.

Yes, it's Hal. For those of you who know our great three-part series "Hal Grades Your Biking" I had just stopped by Bicycle Habitat and Hal was fixing bikes as usual in the storefront.

In Philadelphia's Center City there is some really cool stuff going on. This summer there was a PHS Pop Up Garden that didn't have anything going on while there. But it did yield a cool photo featuring colorful seats of random designs surrounding a r-e-a-l-l-y-l-o-n-g dinner table.

I love this photo not because it boasts any outstanding photographic acumen. It's just because it's commonplace just about any public space you venture in New York. Almost any reasonably warm day I see people with their feet up and socks off (and occasional workers sunbathing) in Madison Square Park.

You'll see all sorts riding in NYC now. And the trend of hauling whatever you need to - whether by trailer or putting your puppy in the front rack - is great to see. NYC on nice summer days is looking more and more European!

For my final photo, I return to Times Square during your average weekday. What made this shot quite funny is the two dressed up characters in the foreground who just happened to be chatting about life when I passed  them, but they were remaining in character despite no one near them for photo tip potential. Welcome to the new normal in the people-friendly Times Square.