My Favorite NYC Bioswale (and it’s along the “Queens Bike Superhighway”!)

Folks, as you may be aware, we did this Streetfilm Shortie (below) on the Storm Water Treatments along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. It was just something I cobbled together as an "extra" since I was surprised by the enormous size & placements of the bioswales along their protected bike paths.

With rising seas and the urgency to treat more stormwater, we really need to get going with these in New York City - and we are slowly - but we do have a few goodies in the ground. My favorite is one installed at 39th Avenue & Woodside along the burgeoning (as I call it) "Queens Bike Superhighway" which runs from 34th Avenue thru Sunnyside and on to link up with the Queensboro Ed Koch Bridge bike path to Manhattan.

Last year I snapped these photos right after its installation in the Streetsblog post: "Runoff Retention? Sidewalk Extension!"  It showed the plantings in their infancy.  It was nice then, but MY look how it has blossomed! It looks extremely well kempt (presumably by the community) and the verdant flowers and lush beauty that has been added to this stretch of road has to please neighbors.  It certainly looks as if some have been adding in their own plantings.

Heck, I think they could use a Citibench so residents can eat a lunch amongst its beauty.