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Need to Add a Bike Lane to a Bridge? Experiment Like Pittsburgh Did

The Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place 2014 conference took place this week in Pittsburgh. Even though the Andy Warhol Bridge already has a nice shared bike-ped path on it, for one week the city decided to put bike lanes on its roadway. It's the simplest design you can imagine, just two rows of small traffic barriers and a little bit of signage. I compiled a few moments of footage while walking to an event one night.

In New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge is just packed with pedestrians and cyclists. For about the last ten years or so, the crowding gets so intense at peak hours that it can be perilous. There have been many solutions suggested over the years, including converting one of the roadway's car lanes to a two-way protected bike lane so cyclists and pedestrians don't have to jostle for space on the narrow promenade they currently share.

Of course the Brooklyn Bridge has more traffic of all types than the Andy Warhol Bridge. But keep this Pittsburgh experiment in mind for the future. Something has to be done on the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe a trial bike lane during the summer would be a good place to start.

It wouldn't be an unprecedented decision. There are many other examples throughout the world -- here's our video of  Vancouver giving road space to bikes on the Burrard Bridge:


  • mikecherepko

    Pittsburgh is so so lucky to have Bill Peduto.

  • Riddley_Walker
  • Yep-Sup
  • http://www.streetfilms.org/ Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    I've got all the before footage in a file, just waiting for them to get started in a few months!

  • Steve

    Alex Doty looks pretty happy :)

  • Cold Shoaler

    Not 5 seconds into the video, I too thought of the Brooklyn Bridge. "Something has to be done on the Brooklyn Bridge." So true. Perhaps the city can be convinced to do a trial as part of next year's Bike to Work Day. Or maybe on the days of Summer Streets (with extended hours).

  • Cold Shoaler

    It can't happen soon enough. I keep seeing things that would have me go between Brooklyn and Queens, but I refuse to traverse the Pulaski even once more under it's current configuration.

  • BBnet3000

    Same. I recently thought it would be cool to ride on Roosevelt Island, but I wont go between Greenpoint and Long Island City until they finish that bridge.