Need some Streetfilms on DVD?

Just dropping a note here to let you know if you want to show Streetfilms to your community, or you're a livable streets advocate who wants to use our films in your work, or are from one of the many bike/livable streets film festivals throughout the world and want to show Streetfilms on the big screen - all you gotta do is ask!

Clarence and Karla in BogotaWe provide free DVDs (up to three) to anyone interested in making the world a better place. Our films are Creative Commons 3.0 tools and are able to be copied and distributed, embedded on sites, etc. so long as no one profits from them. If anyone wishes to re-edit our material for their own use, please ask Clarence for permission first at clarence (at)

To get those DVDs, it's easy. Just email Lily Bernheimer, the NYC Streets Renaissance Project Coordinator, at lily (at) and let her know which of our films you are interested in, give her your address. Our films are on volumes - most of which contain other Streetfilms - so you'll most likely get additional videos with your request.

In the near future we will have an ordering form and special DVD theme collections.