NYC Public Space Saturday!

On a beautiful Saturday the 22nd, the city was so alive with people (and bikes!) it really was incredible how many people were out enjoying the world. The above photo is from the latest installment of Williamsburg Walks which featured some great music and green sod for relaxing in.

Diversity Plaza in Queens had plenty of artists out showcasing their work (above). Including the Biking Public Project (below) which featured many of the portraits they've been snapping of people and their bikes.

Over in Brooklyn Bridge Park, the most-recently opened section had people barbecuing on the waterfront featuring one of the most amazing views anywhere of the most fantastic skyline in the world.

And finally, the Citibikes are just everywhere you ride in lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn coastline. At least 25% of the traffic cruising up and down Kent Ave's protected bike lanes are the blue share bikes .

Also: plenty of families and children. Look at this posse of eight!!