NYC’s High Bridge is open to Walkers & Cyclists for the first time in 45 years!


I've been waiting for this day for a really long time. Some people I met today have been waiting 45 years!

The High Bridge which connects Washington Heights to the Highbridge neighborhood in the Bronx is now waiting for YOU to traverse it. I didn't bring my video gear, choosing to just soak up the event, since it had lots of press there already. But I did take some photos. IMG_9915


And if you want a POV of what it feels like riding over it, here is a short snippet of iPhone magic.

I think it has been tastefully re-done. I am glad the designers went for simplicity. Only a few batches of benches. Nice brickwork. Even on days where this might get a little tight with people you'll be able to bike it, it will never be like the High Line.

Yes, there is now additional fencing. I am sure we would all rather not have it there. But it isn't distracting to me. And if it came to either having it, or keeping the High Bridge closed another 45 years, well....

It was nice to get to be one of the first cyclists on it since 1970. And look for me on the "network news" since the minute I showed up on my 52 pound Dutch bike, I got a lot of attention!


And in case you haven't seen, nearly six years ago I got to go on a rare walking tour of the Bridge during the Walk21 conference. Watch it below and compare and contrast. History: I like to see cities continuing to get better. This new commuting/exercise/leisure option for those living in The  Bronx and Upper Manhattan is long overdue.