Streetfighter on NYC’s Best Open Street: Janette Sadik-Khan Visits 34th Avenue!

After interviewing acclaimed transportation legend Janette Sadik-Khan for a long gestating project about Union Square this summer (coming soon, I promise!) I asked if she'd been out to check out NYC's now famous 34th Avenue open street which is now at 20 months in operation. She said she'd seen much of it thru Streetfilms documentation but hadn't been out yet, so she agreed to meet us sometime in the Fall.

Sadik-Khan was of course famously the Commissioner of NYC Dept. of Transportation from 2007 to 2013 and is currently the Principal, Bloomberg Associates NACTO Chair. She came out last week to witness how the open street functioned at school dismissal. To put it simply: she and some of her colleagues were amazed by the vision of hundreds of students and families safely flooding the street in the hours between 2 and 3pm.

She offered many perspective and facts about open streets and the one one 34th Ave in particular. Some included the joy & safety children and students now had but how important it is for them to experience the freedom of mobility. She strongly supported the idea of similar "school streets" all around NYC and the country and how the next administration needs to look to this great example and expand and fund the program.