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Mayor Bill Peduto Wants to “Leapfrog” Your City on Bicycling and Livability

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is putting the rest of the United States on notice. His city is on the rise, and he fully intends to keep it that way.

For the first time in over half a century, Pittsburgh is expecting an increase in residents as the number of people moving back to the city grows. Complete streets policies are high on Peduto's agenda for managing this growth and making the city more attractive. Earlier this month, the ProWalk ProBike ProPlace conference took place in Pittsburgh, and the energy of the city was on full display. So was Peduto, who was very active at the event.


Mayor Bill Peduto soaks up some rays at Park(ing) Day 2014. Photo: City of Pittsburgh

Peduto is now at the forefront of a new wave of American mayors who understand how reforming the design and function of urban streets is key to growing a city. When talking to him, it's clear right off the bat that he's well-versed in urbanism and the history of cities. Even so, he wants to learn more. This summer, he went on a study tour with The Green Lane Project to check out the best bike infrastructure Copenhagen has to offer.

Local advocates have high hopes for Peduto's administration, which has already delivered some high-profile improvements. According to the latest stats, Pittsburgh has the 11th highest bike mode share in the country, and there is solid momentum to build on that. Pittsburgh recently implemented its first true protected bike lanes downtown, part of Peduto's push to create a more multi-modal city.

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  • Jeffrey Baker

    This guy is some kind of genius. Every time you feature Pittsburgh I go looking for a job there.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    And just to add the local color, seeing this interview, or interviews with Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornett, really highlights what a bunch of bozos we have here in the Bay Area. Jean Quan is a brain donor and Ed Lee is a crook. Neither one of them could string together two clauses to make a sentence, much less articulate a vision of their city's future in five minutes.

  • Aron

    Now that's the spirit. This is the mentality more U.S. mayors and citizens should have.

  • C Monroe

    I know this is off topic, but Pittsburgh is the ideal US city for a major Gondola transport network.

  • Roland Solinski

    Easy to be a bozo when you are leading the wealthiest city in the wealthiest nation in the world. Who needs vision when your economy will grow exponentially no matter what?

  • Daniel

    I knew Pittsburgh had something going on when I was asked about job prospects in the tech sector by a young couple visiting from Pittsburgh. After I gave my NYC stump speech I got this, "Well there goes that plan! We have most of that stuff in Pittsburgh and our pay is about the same."

  • Kevin Curlett

    Pttsburg is lucky to have such a clear spoken and passionate mayor! What is that awesome looking walkway at 4:56?

  • John M

    This a passage ramp between the two main sections of the Pittsburgh Convention Center. You are looking at it from street level on the city side. As you go through, water flows down the walls and into stepped water falls along side the path. There is also a colorful lighting effect on the water. At the bottom, you exit on to the pedestrian/bike path along the Allegheny River.