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Portland’s Multi-Modal Nexus, Featuring the Largest Bike Valet in America

Portland's South Waterfront is developing into one of the best new walkable urban neighborhoods in America. From one spot, you can grab the Portland Streetcar, ride the Portland Aerial Tram to Oregon Health and Science University, walk across a brand new pedestrian bridge, bike on a protected bikeway, or park your bike at the largest daily valet bike parking facility in the country.

It's a nexus of multi-modal transportation. And to see it in action from high above on the aerial tram is thing of beauty. Thankfully you don't need to go there this instant because we made this Streetfilm. We got to talk to Kiel Johnson, the owner of Go By Bike, about the numbers of bikes his valet business parks, the services it offers, and its unique location.

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  • Bronxite

    I'm impressed.

  • Hart Noecker

    Bill Hewitt cameo!

  • http://karenlynnallen.blogspot.com/ Karen Lynn Allen

    Lucky Portlanders.

  • Timo Forsberg

    Hey, it's not like New York is missing light rail, protected bike lanes, an aerial tram or pedestrian bridges. We Portlanders just like to put them all together like a transportation Reese cup.

  • http://gonetoguam.tumblr.com/ friscolex

    So awesome! But it looks like self-park, not valet? Can't quite tell. Amazing traffic. Another reason to visit PDX!

  • http://www.streetfilms.org Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    It's valet. Did you watch the video? You scan a badge and they go and get your bike. They do have a separate section where you can just lock your bike and go if you wish. And there is parking all around the hub.

  • http://gonetoguam.tumblr.com/ friscolex

    Silly me! I watched the vid on their site, but this one is crystal! Awesome system. Thanks! (For the video, too.)

  • http://www.streetfilms.org Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Aha! Yes, that does explain that. All run by an ipod of all things!!

  • Googly Moogly

    I hope this expands out to more cities! It's completely awesome!

  • Martijn

    Go Portland! In The Netherlands they increasingly offer this kind of service to cyclists who want to visit the downtown area of a specific city. For example, the image and video below show a Bike Valet called the 'Fietsenpakhuis' (= Dutch for 'Bicycle Warehouse') in Zaandam, a city close to Amsterdam. It's a multi-story building with room for 700 bicycles. On streetlevel a bicycle repair shop and restsrooms are situated. It might be a good example for Portland to look at if the Bike Valets need an upgrade due to increased popularity of cycling.



    Video (narrated in English):


  • Bernard Finucane

    Offering this kind of service (including repairs) is common in Germany as well. A lot of cities run them as part of a program for the long-term unemployed.