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“Running Man” Crosswalk Countdown Timer in Guadalajara

I've started to see a slew of countdown timers popping up all over Queens & Manhattan of late, but this one I saw while in Guadalajara last week surely ups the fun quotient of crossing the street, not to mention evoking a chuckle or two.

It's not as if I haven't seen countdown signals with moving glyphs before, but this certainly is the most robust and speediest pedestrian I've ever come across.  (For brevity, we're only showcasing the last 20 seconds as the first 25 seconds prior has the pedestrian moving at a snail's pace.)

After some research, I've discovered that these kinds of crossing signals are somewhat common in Asia and some places Central America.  Anyone seen anything with mucho gusto in the U.S.?

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  • http://twitter.com/alien9 alien9

    typical harassment at 0:08

  • ZA_SF

    In another world, the crossing would last 35 seconds and the waiting would be 20.

  • Great Reporting 2.0

    The full crossing is about 45. We only showed the final 20.

  • Bicyclemamy

    so, am i the only one who thinks this is hilarious? "será mejor que el nalga tan rápido a través de la calle  (you betta get your ass across that street asap)! 

  • Damon Rao

    The interesting part of the crossing signals in Guadalajara as opposed to many other western cities is that the waiting time is also displayed as well as the crossing time.
    I have considered that crossing countdown timers are generally used to clear pedestrians off the roadway sooner whereas waiting countdown timers are more mindful of the pedestrians waiting time and are also more likely to reduce instances of jaywalking. Though this is just speculation and if anyone could point to research on this I'd be very grateful.