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See what this Cyclist is doing with $2 Bills to Advocate for Cycling

Steven Hardy-Braz certainly wears many hats. Not only is he is a loyal Brompton folding bike rider, a school psychologist and an advocate (and interpreter for the deaf) but he also hands out two dollar bills to fellow cyclists, business owners and even good drivers which are stamped with a special message and reminder that cyclists participate in the local economy.

I was very lucky to get to meet him by chance at the League of American Bicyclists 2019 National Bike Summit. Once I heard about the many things he was involved in, we spent about a half an hour together shooting this quick profile.

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  • Dave

    Obviously what he is doing is awesome,
    but didn’t he just incriminate himself on camera
    to the act of defacing government property?
    And in Washington DC no less! Yikes!

  • Claudia Lorena Corcino

    Excellent ! A great idea to tip business with a message.