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The Netherlands Megamix Bike Montage

Over the past five years, I've visited several great cities for cycling in the Netherlands. One thing you'll notice if you go to places like Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Nijmegen is that there are a lot of kids biking.

Contrary to what advice columnist and bike lane opponent Amy Alkon has been spouting on Twitter, there's no evidence that biking with kids in the U.S. is more of a hazard than driving with kids. And if you're really concerned about children's safety, you shouldn't be trying to put a stop to bike infrastructure in your neighborhood.

I hope this short "Netherlands Megamix" montage, culled from some of my favorite shots and including some never-before-seen footage, helps bring home the idea that in countries with sane transportation policies, the goal is to make cities safe for people of all ages to bike, not to banish parents from cycling with their kids.

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  • Joe R.

    First reaction of many typical Americans watching that would be "OMFG, none of the kids are wearing helmets!!!! Oh, the horror! The horror!"

    My reaction is "where are the fat people?" I guess the fact everyone gets around by bike might have something to do with it. Out of control health care costs in the US is already a good enough reason to emulate the Netherlands. Of course, there are lots of others, including the fact exercise means longer lifespans, plus a lot more years with good quality of life.

  • JarekFA

    The fat people are not riding bikes.

  • Iris

    Everyone rides bikes here. Sorry to burst that cheap bubble.