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This Samsung Galaxy S7 commercial gives me hope for the future!

Watching the fuel-injected, car commercial leaden NFL on a Sunday afternoon usually doesn't yield too many spots that gets a livable city advocate/filmmaker excited, but the last two weeks there's been an extended ad running in heavy rotation for the Samsung Gallery S7 that makes me swoon. See it below, the spot "A Perfect Day" features teens rolling around […]

Hollywood Screws Up Times Square ONCE AGAIN!

I can't help that I'm a obsessive creature when it comes to anything to do with transportation and complete streets. But what really gets me irked is the awful treatment the movie industry to continues to spew on our wonderful car-free spaces in Times Square.  I've seen the roads of the once-snarled bow-tie still choked […]

Queens Auto Dealer: Ditch the Exercise, Buy a Car

Major World in Queens is at it again.  This time they're using a portable billboard to broadcast the message that bicycling and walking aren't the best choice to get around. One side features a tricycle and asks potential clients if they are being treated "like a kid". Though one could argue the tricycle is  just […]

Scion: Using Bikes to Sell Cars (to Sell Bikes?)

Here's one you might file under Not Ad Nauseum: a new commercial with bikes being used in a positive way to have fun, recreate and see your city.  The product being pitched?  The new Toyota Scion. Watch below. First off, this is a very nice, hip and pretty ad.  It introduces us to Daniel Farahirad, […]

“Wolfen” (1981): A Cool Look Back at NYC Transportation Infrastructure

The above apocalyptic-looking still is one of many shots of the South Bronx (circa 1980) from the opening montage to my favorite, New York City-set movie "Wolfen", an often forgotten film (even among horror buffs) about shape-shifters defending their land from greedy fat-cat developers. Though not a 5 star movie, it's a very solid tale […]

Three New Commercials = “Bike Pod” Goodness!

Smack dab in the middle of watching some Friday evening tv programming on ABC came the most pleasant of surprises: three consecutive commercials showcasing bicycling and they're all pretty nice spots. First came this brand new, wonderfully creative ad from VerizonWireless featuring the Droid Razr. I'm not gonna spoil the end of it, but we […]

Hollywood Screws Up NYC Streets Again

I see a lot of films. And since so many are shot on the streets of New York City, I'm quick to pick up on things that are inaccurate (or cool) about our quickly evolving transportation landscape. I recently got the latest "Resident Evil" chapter on Netflix. Why? Well as I've told many people - […]

Ad Nauseum: Let’s Just Keep Bashing the Bicycle!

Looks like we might have a trend! Following my posting featuring a commercial bashing bicycling as a mode of travel, this holiday season I saw two more ads locally making fun of bicycling/alternative transportation. One which isn't on the internet anywhere is a 30 second spot with a guy who loses a chance at a […]

Ad Nauseum: Ditch your Bike, Buy a Hyundai and Get the Girl!

A couple of times per year there are usually some ridiculous NYC ads that tout car ownership over the "troubles" of riding transit, being a pedestrian or bike commuting. Most of them are laughably bad and involve much aggrandizement, but the newest one from LIC Hyundai goes straight for the sex appeal: if you're a […]

‘Tis the Season for Driving An Acura Like a Maniac

If you've been watching holiday tube you've probably seen this trio of horrid ads for Acura which show celebrities speeding, driving distracted and generally behaving like complete maniacs after scooping up unsuspecting shoppers and freaking them out while "counseling" them during a 30 second joyride. The name of the campaign is the "Season for Reason" […]

Lexus ES: Is this the first U.S. car commercial filmed on a street with a protected bike lane?

Since I've been doing lots of research, analysis and interviews for a future Streetfilm looking at car commercials, this recent Lexus ES ad in heavy rotation during football Sundays really caught my eye.  If you are a cyclist or urban planner take a 30 second gander.  It just might be a first (at least in […]

WTF?! “The Lorax” Gives Mazda “The only Certified Truffula Tree Seal of Approval”

Can you believe this?  Does this get you riled up? You need to take a gander at this new commercial for Mazda's CX-5, an advertising partner for Universal Pictures Dr. Suess' "The Lorax". It's the latest, most outrageous act of Hollywood greed. "Certified Truffula Tree Friendly"?! I can't tell you how sick that "endorsement" makes me. […]