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The Case for Dedicating the Queensboro Bridge’s South Outer Roadway To Pedestrians: Now!

In the 1990s, cyclists fought hard to finally gain access to the Queensboro Bridge when the city dedicated one of its 10 lanes to shared bike & pedestrian use.

That was acceptable back when few commuters used those modes on the bridge. Now?

More than 5,400 cyclists crossed the Queensboro Bridge daily in 2017, a 35% jump from five years earlier. And easily another thousand or so run or walk.

Advocates want the NYC DOT to convert another lane from car use and make separate biking and walking paths on both sides of the bridge. The DOT is said to be open to the idea, however it would take up to two years to implement. That is too long to wait.

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Streetfilms Stylin’ in Momentum Magazine

In May, I was invited to participate in a fashion shoot for Momentum Magazine, Issue #62. That faboulous issue is now for sale and features the above centerfold photo (shot by Derin Thorpe). It's a beauty and features a diverse group of New York City cyclists in cool threads,  including NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan!

To see lots of individual shots, check out the 2013 Be Chic BE NY Look Book available here.

In addition, there is some fun video of the event. I think my favorite moment has to be around the 1:10 mark for George Hahn's catwalk. Check out the clip courtesy of Bancha Srikacha:

Amazingly this is Streetfilms second issue in a row making an apparence in Momentum. There are many great articles from issue #61 I invite you to sample.  They include:

The Five Essential Streetfilms to watch for First Time Visitors

A Comprehensive Profile of Mark Gorton, the major funder of Streetsblog & Streetfilms.

Streetsblog Expands Coverage to Chicago

And finally, although we were stylin' nicely here, there was some real Cycle Chic going on during my Netherlands junket in Groningen where this posse of cyclists went by looking as debonair as can be.  Maybe one day I will look like that. A fashion-model-for-a-day can always dream, right?

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The First Annual Youth Bike Summit

Pasqualina and organizer Helen Ho send the following report from the proceedings:

More than 200 participants from 14 states and two countries came to New York this past weekend to swap ideas, learn bicycle advocacy best practices and build nationwide momentum in the country’s first-ever Youth Bike Summit, sponsored by Recycle-A-Bicycle. The youth spent three days learning everything from map-making techniques to political organizing strategies, participating in roller races and developing an action plan to advance biking in NYC and places beyond.

To kick things off, DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan acknowledged the event’s female leaders by evoking Susan B. Anthony’s 1896 quote, "I think the bicycle has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world." She then introduced Kimberly White, an 18 year old intern at Recycle-A-Bicycle as the Summit’s keynote speaker.

Kimberly related her personal transformation from a 16-year-old couch potato watching 36 hours of television a week, whose 4-year-old sister had superior bike handling skills, to a comfortable cyclist who had built her very own bicycle. This led to an opportunity to attend the 2010 National Bike Summit, where Kimberly and other NYC delegates asked legislators to make biking and walking safer for kids. She now seeks to empower other youth by urging legislators to keep streets safe for all young people in New York City.

In one workshop, Dr. Edward Fishkin, the director of medical services at Woodhull Hospital, spoke about his creation of a Kids Ride Club 15 years ago. From spring through fall, Dr. Fishkin leads weekly rides ford kids ages 7-19 with fun destinations and healthy lunches. Their motto is “Have fun and ride safe.” Fishkin calculated that in the 2010 season the Kids Ride Club burned a collective total of 1.5 million calories on the rides.

On day three of the conference, all of the participants formulated a plan based on what they'd learned during the weekend on topics such as education and advocacy campaigns, infrastructure designs, and diversity-boosting strategies. They vowed to band together to research the issues, publicize their findings, and create change. Clearly, this is a young group with a lot of energy. Legislators and decision-makers, watch out!

To follow the progress of the youth bike advocacy movement, go to, and for more information on how to get involved contact Pasqualina Azzarello, Executive Director of Recycle-A-Bicycle, at director[at]recycleabicycle[dot]org.

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NYC’s First Bike-to-School-Day Celebration

Today Brooklyn’s William Alexander School MS 51 was the first school in the five boroughs to host a Bike to School Day.   MS 51 celebrated Bike to School Day with the help of the New York City Department of Transportation, Bike New York and Matthew Modine's Bicycle for a Day. Throughout the week Bike New York held workshops to educate the students about bike safety and riding techniques to prepare for this day. There were two escorted rides to MS 51 this morning, one started in Sunset Park and the other in Carroll Gardens. The rides had "pick up" spots along the way where more students joined the biking pool. Return rides were also planned. Hear from students and event organizers in this video wrap-up of the ride.

Photos Below by Robin Urban Smith :


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P.S. 76’s Bike Rodeo

Students at P.S. 76, the Bennington School, in the Bronx, celebrated the completion of a month long physical education unit on bike safety and riding by holding a schoolyard bike "rodeo" on Wednesday.  The school and community experienced a tragic loss last June when fifth grader, Michael Needham Jr., was killed after being hit by a speeding car while riding his bicycle in front of the Allerton Library.  Since then, P.S. 76 has taken action to equip all students with effective bike safety awareness and skills.

The school's administration and staff formed a Bike Safety Committee, bought bicycle helmets for every student, and partnered with Bike New York to get students pedaling safely.  Bike New York provided its Bike Driver's Ed curriculum, its Bike Fleet, a Learn to Ride event for students and their parents, and a brand new bicycle which was raffled off to one lucky student.  Did I mention that Bike New York did all of this for free?

Look out Dodgeball, there's a new sport in class.  Check out Bike New York's website for information on how your school can get in on the action.

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Queens Play Street

Jackson Heights is in the beginning stages of a great experiment - 78th Street between 34th Ave and Northern Boulevard is being closed for twenty consecutive weeks to provide a Play Street for children and their families!

Many neighborhood groups, organizations and the NYC Department of Transportation came together to implement this trial which is designed to enhance the already limited amount of public space available in Jackson Heights. Eventually there are plans to move the local green market into the space to allow for even more opportunities for interaction and programming. For the first week Bike New York came out to teach children how to ride a bike.

Streetfilms plans to revisit this program in the Fall to see how it progresses and expands.