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Streetfilms Q&A: Carla Saulter

SF:  Tell us about your Bus Chick column.

CSI’ve been writing about what I call “transit culture” for almost six years. There are lots of people writing—probably a lot better than I could—about transit policy and urban planning. I sometimes touch on those subjects, but I’m much more interested in what’s happening on the ground: who's riding, why, and how. My blog is more about the “public” than it is about transportation.

SF: We profiled your family in a 2009 Streetfilm and every time we've screened it, it really reverberated with folks. Have you gotten the same feedback?

CS: I've received a fair amount of attention from the film, not so much because my blog or what I said on camera, but because of my daughter - believe it or not, for reasons other than her extreme cuteness. A lot of people are truly shocked by the fact that I'm raising a child (these days, two) without a car. In some ways, this is understandabale, since most Americans believe that cars are essential for good, middle-class parenting. On the other hand, I ride the bus with parents and children every day. Among my fellow passengers, "busing with babies" is decidedly unremarkable.

SF: If you could make everyone in Seattle watch one Streetfilm, what would you choose?

CS: I think the entire Moving Beyond the Autombobile series should be required viewing for everyone on Earth. There are many more entertaining and inspirational Streetfilms, but the MBA series is a clear, comprehensive introduction to a lot of the concepts that the livable streets movement is based on.

If I had to pick one film for Seattlelites, it would be the one about Bogota's BRT system. In the first place, it shows that a city without huge capital resources can build a usable, accessible and efficient transit system. It also shows that it doesn't take decades of debate to get stuff done. (Seattle types, you feel me?) Plus, the bus command center is cool."

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Voices from the Rail~Volution (2010)

Streetfilms was out in Portland at this year's Rail~Volution 2010 trying to get a pulse on the transportation world by talking to a healthy dose of this year's attendees which includes advocates, bloggers, transportation planners, industry spokespeople and members transportation agencies across the country.  Among those we heard from was Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who helped push Rail~Volution - now in its 20th year - to national prominence in 1995.  Well over a thousand folks attended the four-day event.

In addition, almost 500 of them came to Portland's famous Bagdad Theater to watch a program of short films on the big screen, eight of which were Streetfilms!  Our fan base and influence continues to grow as Streetfilms is looked to as an inspiration and educational tool among our peers.  It's a great feeling.

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Seattle’s Bus Chick on the Rewards of the Riding Life

Carla Saulter pens a very eclectic blog called Bus Chick, Transit Authority, which you can find on the Seattle Post Intelligencer's website.

Carla, who lives car-free with her husband and young daughter, is all about riding transit and inspiring others to do the same. The bus has indeed figured prominently in her life: she met her husband on the bus; riding has provided her with a creative outlet for stories and interesting anecdotes; and she named her first child for the most renowned bus rider in history.

I was bowled over when I heard that Carla actually went by bus to give birth at the hospital (not to mention to also come home afterward). I knew then and there that I needed to profile her. I just wish I lived closer to the Bus Chick family so I could ride the bus with them more often.