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Streetfilms Q&A: Carla Saulter

SF:  Tell us about your Bus Chick column. CS: I’ve been writing about what I call “transit culture” for almost six years. There are lots of people writing—probably a lot better than I could—about transit policy and urban planning. I sometimes touch on those subjects, but I’m much more interested in what’s happening on the ground: […]

Voices from the Rail~Volution (2010)

Streetfilms was out in Portland at this year's Rail~Volution 2010 trying to get a pulse on the transportation world by talking to a healthy dose of this year's attendees which includes advocates, bloggers, transportation planners, industry spokespeople and members transportation agencies across the country.  Among those we heard from was Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who helped […]

Seattle’s Bus Chick on the Rewards of the Riding Life

Carla Saulter, who lives car-free with her husband and young daughter, pens an awesome blog called "Bus Chick" on the Seattle Post Intelligencer's website. It's all about riding transit, chronicling her daily life doing it, and inspiring others to do it!