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Enrique Peñalosa Brings Inspiration to Boston

Enrique Penalosa's four day visit to "The Hub," inspires Bostonians to re-imagine their streets.

NYCSR in Chicago

The Project for Public Spaces visited Chicago to meet with many of the key leaders in the Livable Streets movement.

Anti-Idling Laws Pass in NYC

2 Anti-Idling Laws Pass in NYC

L.A. Street Summit 2010: Building Momentum for Change

Whatever way you slice it, the L.A. Streets Summit 2010 was a big success.  Take a gander at our wrap-up vid featuring many voices from the hundreds of conference attendees who made connections and started some L.A. synergy for livable streets. As a special bonus, NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan (who spoke at Occidental College […]

PSA-Dirty Little Secret

An inequitable use of parking by government agencies is a dirty little secret in Chinatown.

NYS DOT Commissioner, Astrid Glynn

An interview with New York State DOT Commissioner, Astrid Glynn.

Fulton Street

Jeff Prant collects signatures on his petition to maintain Fulton Street's car-free hours.

Nicole’s Journey

Bronx resident, Nicole Duncan, films the daily, perilous, pedestrian conditions while walking her children to school.

After School with Livable Streets Education

Livable Streets Education brings real world issues into the classroom and the classroom out into the real world.

Block Party NYC

2008 was the kickoff for BlockParty NYC, a new on-line initiative to promote block parties in the five boroughs. To celebrate block parties where people enjoy their blocks free from the usual hazards of car-filled streets, we created this mini film.

Trailer: The Search for the Zozo

Have you seen the Zozo?

Summer Streets Are Back!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced this week the return and expansion of the Summer Streets program along with more than 1,500 free events taking place throughout New York City this summer.

Meet Zozo! (Official Website Launch)

Today we are happy to announce that Zozo, our purple, livable streets mascot finally has his own website!  Just go to www.meetzozo.com to check out all ten of the Zozo shorts - including films about walking, biking, car sharing and transit as Zozo walks the streets of Park Slope in Brooklyn, NY. It's very educational […]

Streetfilms Testimonials: It’s Official, You Love Us!

At our Streetfilms fundraiser in November we set up a cool testimonial booth where attendees could share their thoughts: what Streetfilms influence has been, how our mission has helped them personally and the value we provide the world as a resource. We'd like to thank the dozens of folks who gave us kind answers in […]