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Janette Sadik-Khan’s Greatest Streetfilms Hits!

Now that former NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan has moved on to her next transportation chapter, Streetfilms thought the time was perfect to look back at some of her greatest moments with us.  We've always had a great relationship with Janette and during her six and half year reign and she's been in a few dozen Streetfilms.

Let's begin with the gem above we went deep in the archives to pull up: Sadik-Khan's one-minute speech before the crowd for the 2007 Transportation Alternatives Tour de Brooklyn. It was her first big public appearance for most cyclists, and listening to her visionary words I don't think you you'd find anyone involved in the livable streets back then who thought she would accomplish all she did.  I spliced in just a few of her many Streetfilms appearances over time to tease what was to come.

One of the biggest Streetfilms we had with Janette was a thorough sit down interview with Mark Gorton, our biggest donor and supporter of our work.  Even though she had only been at work for a little over a year, you can see the amount of swift change Sadik-Khan had already accomplished in our Q&A and walking tour.  I knew we'd hit a home run when a week after posting it, there were many fans mobbing her at a Railvolution conference saying they had watched every minute of the Streetfilm.

The video above was compiled after the new Times Square pedestrian spaces were created. My favorite moment is when I got to interview her sitting amongst the lawn chairs on the first day. That's about 3 1/2 minutes in if you don't want to watch it all. Read more...

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Summer Streets 2008 (NYC)

Feeling remarkably similar to Bogota's Ciclovia, the New York City Department of Transportation held its first Summer Streets event on Saturday by opening 7 miles of city streets to pedestrians and bike traffic only. From 7 AM to 1 PM, roads were car-free from 72nd Street to the Brooklyn Bridge with Park Avenue serving as the backbone of the route. Our Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan is the real deal - she spent the entire day riding a bike around the course (and even said some nice things about me to my mom.)

We'll spare you the 200 adjectives we could list about how transformational it was, for it was beyond anything on the printed page. The general consensus was that the event succeeded beyond even the most hoped for expectations and would pass even the most pessimistic of measuring sticks. A page has been turned, clearly there is no doubt: the future will hold many more large scale street openings for pedestrians, cyclists, runners, children, dog walkers, dancers, and any other reasonable livable space use.

The swarms of people and happy faces made for much positive energy. Around noon, some blocks were getting very crowded, but there was a general courtesy that existed between pedestrians and cyclists. The city built it - and the people came. And they smiled a lot.

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Summer Streets PSA

Here's the official 30 second PSA promo that Streetfilms edited to help promote Summer Streets! The event is very similar to other great worldwide street happenings we have brought you - from Ciclovia in Bogotá, Colombia to Sunday Parkways in Portland, Oregon.

In NYC on three consecutive Saturdays - August 9th, 16th, and 23rd - a 7 mile circuit starting on Park Avenue & 72nd Street to the Brooklyn Bridge will be opened to cyclists, pedestrians and any kind of non-motorized activity you can think of. Forgive Streetfilms' prediction, but this is gonna be awesome! You'll be seeing this promo on WCBS and the NYC DOT website as well, where you can find a boatload of details. Volunteers are still needed to help run the event. If interested here are the deets.