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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Me a Ticket!

A humorous but enlightening look at the visual signals drivers send to try to avoid getting a parking ticket.

Crosswalks #1

The streets of NYC can be very dangerous for pedestrians. And we think this footage is on the mild side.

Clowns Liberate Bike Lanes

Bicycling clowns use humor to enlighten motorists parked in bike lanes.

UWS Streets Renaissance: Double Parking

Mark Gorton and neighbor Lisa Sladkus point out the perils of double parking on the UWS.

LOOKing to Make Cycling Safer in NYC

New public safety initiative from the NYC DOT.

Count Cars Breaking the Law in Prospect Park!

When Doug Gordon visits Prospect Park he always sees vehicles entering illegally after it is closed to cars at 7 pm. It made him mad, so he got out his video camera.

I.S. 89 Speed Gunning

StreetFilms was out at I.S. 89 in Manhattan last week working with Brooke DuBose and Graham Beck of Transportation Alternatives. The middle school students, with the help of Manhattan Youth's Bob Townley, organized an after-school speed gunning event in response to two recent accidents involving motorists and students crossing the West Side Highway on their […]

Red Hook Lane: Illegal Parking Lot to History

Cars parked illegally on Red Hook Lane in Brooklyn and its history.

Portland, Ore. – Crosswalk Enforcement Actions

In Portland, OR, you can get a $242 ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

PSA-Cab in a Crosswalk

See how much disruption and danger one taxi cab stuck in a Times Square crosswalk can create.

PSA-Pedestrian Obstacle Course

A visual example of the hoops through which a pedestrian must jump to cross a street in Times Square.

Greenwich Street

Community groups work to make a crosswalk at Greenwich and Duane Streets safer.

Nicole’s Journey

Bronx resident, Nicole Duncan, films the daily, perilous, pedestrian conditions while walking her children to school.

Atlantic Avenue

Residents, business-people and community leaders speak out against the speeding and congestions problems on Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue that have resulted in a number of recent accident-related fatalities.

PSA-Dirty Little Secret

An inequitable use of parking by government agencies is a dirty little secret in Chinatown.