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Take a Virtual Tour of NYC’s First Chartreuse Bike Lane

The Henry Street bike lane in Brooklyn Heights has gone lime!

This is a new high visibility bike lane from NYC DOT. We like. Lots. It gets us psyched. If you can't have a physically separated lane, then we think curbside with paint like this comes a very close second. Come and take a short virtual journey with StreetFilms.

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  • ecm

    Very cool. I like the color, actually.

    I hope the paint has some anti-slip properties so it doesn't get slippery in the rain.

  • rob

    thats the most horrific thing ive ever seen...

  • Brooklyn Bike Belle

    It is kind of a loud color, but that is precisely the kind of color we need. I remember they painted part of that blue once, but it just didn't work very well.

    Can't wait to head over there.

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  • http://www.mlliu.com Brunswickian

    Yee-haw! Wonder if it does anything though to deter drivers from double-parking in the bike lane.

  • adam white

    Kudos to DOT for the effort. I too hope that the paint has some anti-skid properties as well. Hopefully, MVs will be a little more respectfull of it.

  • DXW

    anyone know what type of before/after data is being collected to determine the effectiveness of this new color?

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  • Bob Shanteau

    Where I live (California), right turning drivers are required to merge into the bike lane before turning right (I helped write that law about 30 years ago to help prevent "right hook" accidents). Our bike lane stripes are broken for 100' before intersections to encourage motorists to merge. I don't see any broken bike lane stripes in the video. What is the law for right turning motorists in New York? Are right hook accidents a problem?

  • http://www.gwadzilla.blogspot.com gwadzilla


    Washington DC could use some of this STREET SENSE!

    I have mentioned this
    but I am not sure if anyone is listening

    will steal this information and share it on my blog!

    I love it!

  • http://srikacha.blogspot.com BS96

    That's a LOT of paint!

    I think the effort would be better spent creating buffered bike lanes.

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  • nick

    these don't work at all. you need physically separated lanes. double parking forces vehicles to decide whether to park in the bike lane or in the traffic lane. either one eliminates the bike lane. we don't need on street parking as much as we need bike lanes. eliminate one side of on street parking from many streets and make physically separated bike lanes and we'll be much better off.

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