Talking 18 Years of Bike Portland & Streetfilms with Jonathan Maus & Clarence Eckerson Jr.

While visiting Portland this week for family fun and squeezing in shooting some Streetfilms during what might have been the only dry-ish 6 hours over 5 days, I went on a bike tour with Jonathan Maus of some of the most innovative bike intersection treatments of late. But the coolest thing was realizing both of us were celebrating 18 years of doing our current jobs (Bike Portland in April, Streetfilms in May)

So in an impromptu decision we decided to place my camera on top of post outside a school in the middle of a light drizzle and see if we had anything to say. And some of it was magic and cool. (Apologies for the perodic light taps of occasional basketballs in the background.) We talked a lot about the love of our careers to date. How they are both so unusual and sometimes hard to explain. Of course we talked (and you'll see via archival footage) some of the changes that have happened in both NYC and PDX.

But we also talk about our views of how social media has changed things and the next generation of media makers. And so much more, all for free, all right here!!! (As a personal aside, I used to feature myself on camera quite a lot in the first 5 years. But gradually grew to allow my subjects to tell the story and get out of the man-on-the-street mode. But of late I have been getting back in front for a few Streetfilms here or there. But I am happy this came out so well to feature Jonathan and me for nearly 20 minutes, only about 2 minutes were trimmed. I think I need to do this more often.)