The Best Halloween “Transportation Costumes” of 2016*

*-that I could find on Twitter

It seems every year I see more and more bicycle infrastructure and transportation themes being made into inventive Halloween costumes! So much so this year I decided it was time to cull the best I saw on Twitter over the three days of Halloween celebration.

I'll point out a few things that are the most frequent "dress ups" in our transportation world in 2106: 1) little kids dressing as trains, 2) people dressing as some sort of bike lane (or sharrow) and 3) this year especially saw lots of people dressed as New Jersey's "Bridgegate" either as Chris Christie with the bridge itself in one form!

My personal winner is #FreshKermit (see above) from my friend Jessame Hannus. A term Streetfilms coined! But what follows are some that really standout out of 100s I saw. But I'm sure they'll be plenty of folks posting other links and photos. And please do!

And me? Well this year I didn't go as anything transportation related. I donned a fun tribute to the 1975 movie "Rollerball" playing Jonathan - the superstar player approaching Godlike status for the Houston Energy Corporation (okay, kinda transportation related). But it was my first Halloween dressing up with my one year old son, Clarence III who was a cute little monkey. But I think he'll have dressing up as a train in his future, he loves to watch the 7 Train go by above up on the El.