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The Inaugural National Women’s Bicycling Summit

The first National Women’s Bicycling Summit took place last week in Long Beach, California. It was tacked on to the Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference and drew some of the same participants, a bunch of new faces and whole lot of positive energy.

This summit provided women cycling advocates the opportunity to talk about topics that aren't often programmed into bicycle conferences.  The question driving the summit was: What do we need to do on a national level to get more gender equality in the bicycling world? Some specific break-out topics in this year's conference discussed family biking, equity, marketing, and participating in the political process.

The energy and connections built in this first national women's bicycling summit will lead to more organized discussions on these topics in conferences to come. The goal: By 2025, 50 percent of U.S. cyclists will be women.

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  • Ben Kintisch

    I'm inspired on behalf of my almost two year old daughter Dalia Jean. Whether she grows up in Brooklyn or anywhere else in America, I want her to feel safe and free to ride on her bike as she grows up. Just today, when she was riding in her bike seat on an evening ride with me, we saw three women on bikes stopped next to us at an intersection. She said, "Hi ladies!" and I thought how great it is for her to see women on bikes wherever we ride in Brooklyn.