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The Magnificent Bioswales & Stormwater Treatment Along the Indy Cultural Trail

Many American cities are growing to the idea that they need to do a much better job handling their stormwater runoff at ground level. In Indianapolis, they decided to not only do that but significantly green the city along its newly opened Cultural Trail.  The 8 mile separated biking and walking route loops thru the heart of the downtown and as you'll see in this short (expanded from our larger work) Karen S, Haley, the Executive Director of Indianapolis Cultural Trail, tells us a little about the substansial and verdant bioswales they installed.

Imagine if these became standard for roads in some vulnerable-to-storms- U.S. cities?

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  • KK

    You go Chuckie! I am in Colorado on vacation. I must have thought of you 5x. This is your kind of state. KK

  • Ari

    The bioswales are very nice. But many of them don't have trees, as I would expect/like.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    I think this is how the Brooklyn Waterfront and Queens North Shore Greenways were envisioned here in the 5 boros. Great video!

  • Jake Wegmann

    What a beautiful, exemplary project. It is transformative on multiple levels. Congratulations to Kären and to the other visionaries and implementers in Indianapolis for dreaming this up and getting this done, and for showing the rest of us the way forward.

  • Aidan

    This is a climate that gets snow and freezes. What kind of tree would you want right at the edge of the street and would stand getting flooded like it does? Not to mention there is an overflow drain. Tree roots would destroy the pipe

  • Rabi Abonour

    The Trail is great, though in my experience not all pedestrians get the separated bike/walk lanes and walk in the wrong one. It doesn't help that only parts of the trail have that separation. Overall, however, it's a really great project that I am thrilled to see in my home city.

  • http://www.streetfilms.org Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Unfortunately, pedestrians are the same in almost every city. Still, as long as we yield to them all is good. I can deal with a few errant ones. they weren't so bad in Indy. In NYC it's chronic!

  • Rabi Abonour

    It's definitely manageable. As I said, I'm really happy with the trail so far. Along with a recent push for the bus system, it's a distinct step in the right direction in a city that has a well-earned reputation as being sprawling and impossible to get around without a car.

  • Larry Roloston

    Great project! This explosion of interest in

    is really great for not only us but the environment. I am just so thrilled to see this in my home town!