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The Pulaski Bridge Protected Bike Path Is (Finally) Open!

Today was a milestone for traveling between Brooklyn and Queens, as NYC DOT opened the Pulaski Bridge bike path to lots of cheers with a celebratory ride.

Before today, the Pulaski Bridge walking and biking path was dangerously congested, with more pedestrians and cyclists crammed on to its narrow right-of-way every year. The solution? Convert one lane of the roadway to a two-way bike lane, making the original path exclusively for walking. Read up on the project in Streetsblog's coverage of the grand opening.

If a lane of the Pulaski can be taken from cars and given to active transportation, the same can be done on other bridges. One place I'd love to see NYC DOT tackle next? The insanely crowded bike-pedestrian path on the Brooklyn Bridge is begging for a solution like this.


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  • Vooch


  • Koen

    excellent development, New York is really beginning to take cycling serious, it would seem. But to my eyes it still looks too narrow for cycling two abreast in two directions.

  • http://www.streetfilms.org/ Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    4 cyclists across comfortably just isn't gonna happen in NYC. We'd need mode shares in the teens or 20s for the city to even make that a consideration. Sure, It'd be wonderful, but regardless this path is prime and great, especially considering the "older" shared path didn't have enough room for one cyclist to pass another without slowing to about 5 mph (and also having to be wary of pedestrians).

  • Koen

    of course... cherish the progress and keep striving for better all the time. Good luck.