There’s something special about riding a Bike on Block Island!

Yes that is actually a bush growing up and through the sign post!

Thankfully, I've been lucky enough to know many friends/relatives/colleagues who vacation on Block Island, Rhode Island - thus I get to visit often. If you don't know where BIRI is you go all the way to Montauk (on the eastern end of Long Island) and then jump a 90 minute ferry to a pork chop-shaped island in the Atlantic Ocean. For reference, it's southwest of Narragansett and Martha's Vineyard, but I find it is more laid-back and friendly then the Vineyard (and cheaper!)  Plus. far more people use bicycles as their main mode of transportation.

I was recently there before the big season launches and was still wowed by the number of people on bikes. And the thing about BIRI is drivers are so incredibly kind, they'll crawl along behind you at 5 mph until it is absolutely safe to pass or you wave them thru. And the number of children (we are talking VERY young children) riding bikes is unlike anywhere I have seen - except Copenhagen.

Perhaps my favorite point on the island is where Ocean Avenue and Corn Neck Road intersect. During the busiest weekend days of the summer, you can see dozens of bikes crossing at once in all directions while drivers calmly sit for up to a minute or more to get their turn. Just watching the ballet of bikes and pedestrians stream is fun in itself. Besides, no one is in a hurry.

I'll be upfront, there's not a lot of distance/courses to ride.  The island is small. You can do a nearly 10 mile loop of the island or an out and back 8 miler to the north lighthouse. There are a few additional streets to change it up a small bit, but the main point is to use a bike safely on vacation and enjoy. If you love bikes (and ice cream!) you should get there once in your lifetime.