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These four Streetfilms may help sway Your City into accepting Protected Bike Lanes

I am gonna keep this simple: are you having difficulty convincing your city/town about the merits of protected bike lanes? Streetfilms can help.

The above Streetfilm was put together back when then-New York City Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan was under a full-on bikelash assault from the media. It was done to show that protected bike lanes on wide avenues can have a wide range of benefits. From pedestrians to transit riders.

That was nearly four years ago. All those lanes survived and now some of the earliest lanes installed in NYC are becoming greener and making the streets more wonderful. Just see for yourself.

One excerpt I posted from that original video that I have gotten positive feedback was the next video. I interviewed Gary Toth from Project for Public Spaces and we chatted about why you need to have a buffer. So many people have emailed or told me this little clip was very useful.

Finally, hopefully cities in the U.S. will have the courage to do protected bike lanes with true style and safety like Copenhagen and Amsterdam do. One way of encouraging that is to show one place in the U.S. that has done an amazing job. Like they've done along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Yes, this loop was expensive, but you could do them with a little less panache for far cheaper and still make them look good. I hope these Streetfilms help.


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  • usdew

    Always appreciate the great work you do, advocating for healthier and more livable cities. The US is - for the most part - far behind other nations, with respect to meaningful, thoughtful, healthful, community-oriented urban design. Transportation infrastructure plays a major role in this design, and your videos and commitment are playing a crucial role in swaying public opinion. Convincing cash-strapped, change-averse municipalities to change their perspective is another challenge altogether. Please keep publishing your content, so your fans may use it as the incredibly valuable asset and resource that it is, in their local work to move their towns and cities in to the 21st Century.