This Might Be NYC’s First Pool Noodle Bike Ride! (It is!)

Wowsers! Been living in NYC for 30 years and this is the first time I have ever heard/been to an organized "Pool Noodle Ride"!

The exciting thing is it is happening in a place you don't normally see advocacy rides: Ridgewood, Queens! Deep on the border between Queens & Brooklyn where there is a huge lack of protected bike lanes - or frankly much of anything that is safe for bike riders. Take a look.

Mollie who bikes nearly every day in Ridgewood just meant for this to be a "practice ride" with a few others. But word got out on Twitter fast and 15 others showed up to attach a noodle and try it out.

My own experience: I rode 7 miles home after covering this and definitely felt like some drivers were extra cautious : many going by more carefully than I am used to and actually creeping over the double-yellow line to proceed. Of course, not a real fix and the NYC DOT should be immediately putting in some safe bike lanes throughout the district! Molly is already planning another ride to combine noodles with another awesome trend in cities across the globe: "Pool Noodle-Protected Family Bike Bus"!