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This Samsung Galaxy S7 commercial gives me hope for the future!

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Watching the fuel-injected, car commercial leaden NFL on a Sunday afternoon usually doesn't yield too many spots that gets a livable city advocate/filmmaker excited, but the last two weeks there's been an extended ad running in heavy rotation for the Samsung Gallery S7 that makes me swoon.

See it below, the spot "A Perfect Day" features teens rolling around Brooklyn neighborhoods (and a bit of Queens!) on their bikes integrating copious technology into their day. The montage has been garnering some attention because it contains a nice cover of The Pixies "Where is My Mind" by Nada Surf, but I love it because of how it showcases New York City as an increasingly better place for people to bike and have impromptu interactions on our diverse neighborhood streets.

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These young folks are happy. They have transportation freedom. They're part of their neighborhood, their city. They have adventure. And...there's no helicopter parenting going on here. I love this ad. It's the city I want to live in, and thanks to much of what has gone on in the past decade in NYC, this ad shows we are headed there.

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Yeah. I'll admit, this is a commercial shot on closed streets. Biking around New York City isn't quite nirvana yet, but evidence is out there as you see more kids on bikes all the time. But imagine this spot even being conceived in 2005? Yeah, I don't think so. The ad director would have been laughed at.

If this is the future, please dial me in.

Not to be too depressing, but let's end with a quick contrast. What was the very next spot? A Black Friday spot for Dodge. Two families dangerously race their SUV's down a commercial strip. It's titled, of course, "Duel Race".

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Any safety critic can hit the same notes here. The spot might be good for a cheap laugh, but gunning your SUV between two lights? Condoning racing for your scowling kids? Yeah, considering just how many people we've lost on our roads due to reckless driving Dodge should be ashamed. I guess they figure since they're only gunning it between red lights this qualifies as legal driving, but we all know it's not.

Just compare the two spots, which place do you want to live?

  • Daniel S Dunnam

    Going for the Stranger Things demo.

  • Janet Liff

    Wow.. great ad. Did you ever see the Cricket ads, the "Happy Network"? it was an animated town filled with buses, bikes and jaywalking pedestrians with a few mini cars thrown in.

  • gpx21dlr

    This ad shows how reckless bike riding and how irresponsible these kids are. Riding their bikes in the middle of the street, indifferent to the traffic and even defying it! Also having a rider standing on improvised steps can not be legal or safe bike riding. I feel that parents should object to this ad. Their kids w-i-l-l copy these unsafe antics and kill themselves.

  • mocca

    I feel like the commercial is trying too hard. The music is cheesy too.

  • RGD

    Reckless? I am sorry, but millions of Dutch children stand on the rear racks of their parents every day, sometimes without even holding their parents racks. Millions more ride right down the center of streets (such streets are, by design, access only for cars but through routes for bikes). Child road safety in the Netherlands is the best in the world, and it is REALLY good. Dutch Children are also perennially ranked as the happiest in the world. So rather than objecting to this add, parents should fight tooth and nail for all streets to be safe for their children to cycle.