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Touring Copenhagen’s Car-Free Bridges

Copenhagen is great. One of the things that makes it so is that the city is continually trying to find ways to make biking and walking better for its citizens. And one way they are doing that now is by erecting many bridges (especially over their harbor) that are car-free, which helps take the stress off of current routes that have become congested with bicycling.
Marie Kastrup, the Bicycle Program Manager for the City of Copenhagen, was very kind to take me on a tour of just some of the bike & ped bridges Copenhagen has constructed in the past ten years. And the amazing thing is: there are even more on the way, four in the next few years are planned!

Every major city should be looking at their waterfronts and making it easier to cross bodies of water. While we debate, possibly widening the Brooklyn bike/ped path sometime years into the future, I would love to see some new car-free crossings over the East River in NYC being seriously discussed. If you are a cyclist and want to go between boroughs, sometimes it is very, very tough since there are not many places to cross.

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  • Vooch

    NYC East River could use 2 pedestrian - cycling bridges linking

    23rd street with Williamsburg
    42nd street with Long Island City

    Figure $175 million each bridge

    less than the cost of 100 feet of Second Avenue Subway

  • John Park Slope

    and it looks like they do real engineering...appropriate structures not overbuilt. Compare the curved truss bridge over the roadway to what our no-nothing CYA engineers came up with for the Stuyvesant HS bridge over West St.

  • stairbob

    So amazing. I can barely imagine living in such an amazing bicycling place such as this.

  • Smile Dutch

    We need bike bridges over the East River!